Tuesday, August 17, 2010

this is the question :)

Really having a hard time trying to figure out what to do with my life. I know I am a good artist .. at least I have my good areas, such as digital art and I'm good at making websites..

problem is, I cannot sell things or market to save my life ..

I had a little stint on Etsy a while back (probably over a year ago now) and I guess I did relatively well for a newcomer .. just making shop banners, the odd blog layout, that kinda thing.

I think I would really like to give it another go .. only do it a little differently this time.

I guess I will just have to play it by ear .. would like to have a heap of layouts ready before I jump in the deep end though .. I was ill-prepared last time.

Want to see what happens next?

stay tuned..............

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Spooks Kit

My new Spooks digital scrapbook kit is now available at Etsy .. it has 13 beautiful papers, 87 elements, and an alpha in 2 different colours .. it's packed with spooky halloween goodies :)

Here's some previews:

It has 8 little ghouls :D .. and the paper background you see in the preview is included in the pack .. it's my favourite!!

Here's a preview of the papers:

Not all the papers are shown in the preview ..

Now for the elements:

Only a selection of them are shown in the preview .. but it gives you a nice idea of what's inside the kit .. there's a heap of frames that aren't shown and one of them is a cute cluster frame :)

And now for the alpha which I just adore .. you get two alpha's .. both the same alpha but one of them is in black and the other one is the colour of the background of the alpha preview .. a lime green .. perfect for halloween .. the paper in the background is also included in the kit :)

So there it is!! My new halloween kit .. it's available here in my Etsy store..

that's it for now ..



Wednesday, September 30, 2009

French Vanilla Papers

Just a very quick post .. I added some new papers to my Etsy shop .. they are ten very beautiful co-ordinated papers .. for digital scrapbooking :)

These are 300dpi high resolution files .. 3600px x 3600px .. for optimal printing..

These are perfect for you digital scrapbooking projects .. these are only $3.50 in my Etsy shop :)

Still haven't gotten around to making any new Etsy mascots .. time seems to just run away from me lately :( .. but I have almost finished putting together my new Spooks digital kit .. and that should be listed on Etsy very soon just in time for Halloween :D

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I am almost finished my new digital scrapbooking kit called "Spooks" .. I thought I'd post a tiny preview for you to have a look at :)

It will be available on Etsy hopefully tomorrow .. or the next day depending on jobs that come up :) ..

It's a nice sized kit, compared to the other digital kits that are available on Etsy which in comparison are tiny :P

That's it for now ..



Friday, September 25, 2009

Pretty Glitter

I'm making a new line of logo's for Etsy Shops .. they're for people who prefer to have something simple yet elegant for branding of their shop goodies :)

My first one is up for sale at etsy ..

I'm doing these at very special prices in One of a Kind Business Packages for the first few that I sell .. you're basically getting a logo, an etsy shop set and a business card for not much more than you would pay for the logo alone .. so it's a great deal :)

My Vintage Bunny also found a new home today .. I sold her to Billie Girl on etsy .. she has some of the cutest little goodies in her shop so please go and have a look in her shop if you get the chance :)

I will hopefully be making another batch of Esty Mascots after the weekend too :)

And I also hope to be creating another scrapbooking kit in the not too distant future .. I already have a beautiful design in mind for it .. it's just a matter of finding the time to put it all together..

Time for me to get back to work ..



Thursday, September 24, 2009

These rates are current as of 15th September 2009

I do most of my work for Etsy clients .. but if you've stumbled across my blog from somewhere else I am happy to do work for you .. you need to purchase your items through Etsy though :)

+ Custom Artwork + Logo Design (Your Etsy Mascot) - $70
+ Logo Design with stock graphics - $40
+ Custom Artwork for Logo's if required - $45
+ Business Card Template Design - $10 (front)
+ Business Card Template Design - $8 (back)
+ Swing Tag Template Design - $6
+ Sew Tag Template Design - $8
+ Custom Etsy Shop Set - $25 (includes banner, reserved listing image and avatar)
+ Additional Sale and Vacation banners - $3 each
+ Blog Design Layout (Blogger only) - $60
+ Blog Layout Install on Blogger - $5
+ Custom Ship To and Return Address Mail Label Templates - $7
+ If you have something you need done that isn't listed .. contact me via etsy!

You can find me at twiggsley.etsy.com



Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blog Layouts

I'm doing custom blog layouts again for blogspot/blogger .. I'll probably only do one of a kind designs ..

One of a kind designs will be $60 .. if you would like me to install the template I can make a special reserved listing for you .. cost of install is $5 ..

You need to change your template to Minima to use my layouts if you're not already using Minima as your template as I have designed the layouts around it.

Here's one that I have available on Etsy at the moment ..

I'm happy to work with you if you don't like any of my pre-designed templates or if you have purchased an Etsy Mascot from me I can make you a layout with your mascot logo.

If you'd like to know anymore please convo me at etsy :)


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